Today is your lucky day!

You’ve found the Affordable Computer Guy

As computer systems get more complex, it’s important to find someone you can trust to help you keep doing what you do.
The Affordable Computer Guy can help with all your computer and network needs at an affordable price that is often about half the cost of larger repair companies. No need to break the bank to fix your computer.

The Affordable Computer Guy is an expert in many computing areas including:

In Home or Office Service
The best part is that the Affordable Computer Guy will come to your home or business to do the repairs. For more complex jobs, we can even pick up your machine, fix it, return it, and hook it up for no additional cost.

With over 5 years experience, the Affordable Computer Guy can make your computer run as if it were new.

Nights and Weekends? No problem!
Nights and weekends service calls are available at no additional charge. Try getting that from a big repair shop!