Hardware & Software Upgrades

UpgradesUpgrading a computer can bring life into an old machine. This is an excellent way to extend the usable life of your computer.

Hardware Upgrades

Replacing old hardware will allow the computer to make use of the newest advances in computer technology. Typical upgrades include RAM, Motherboard/CPU, Video, Hard Drive (storage capacity). Contact a professional, such as the Affordable Computer Guy, for assistance in making upgrades to your hardware.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades can make the most use out of you hardware. This type of service is usually performed at the same time as a hardware upgrade. Typical software upgrades include new OS, New Drivers, BIOS Upgrades, and Program Updates.

Software Installation & Removal

In addition to upgrades, the Affordable Computer Guy can assist in the installation and removal of software programs. This type of service is suitable for a novice computer user that is not comfortable performing this action. This can usually be done remotely for a nominal cost.

The Affordable Computer Guy can help!

The Affordable Computer Guy can make your computer run like new; even better than new in some cases!