Hardware Failure

Hardware Failure

Computers, like all machines, eventually have failures. Most computer hardware failures can be repaired. It is common – and almost expected – to have problems with hardware with a computer over 2 years old. This page explains some of the more common hardware problems and how they are solved.

Hard Drives

Hard drives are the computer’s long term storage device. This is where all information is stored, including music, pictures, and videos. When a hard drive begins to fail, there is little that can be done except replacement. Unfortunately, the hard drive is where the operating system and all user programs are stored. When replacing a hard drive, the operating system and all other software must be reinstalled.

It is important to back up all data, especially videos, pictures, and music, on a regular basis. Once a hard drive “crashes,” there are limited options to recover the data. The Affordable Computer Guy is able to recover data on approximately 80% of all crashed hard drives, but this process takes time. If you suspect that your hard drive might be crashing (usually evident by either Blue Screen messages or chkdsk scans upon startup), it is important to contact an expert immediately.

Motherboards & Processors

Another common hardware problem is motherboard and processor (also called CPU) failures. When these types of failures occur, they leave your system unusable. This is an easy fix but usually requires the operating system to be reinstalled. It is best to contact a professional if you suspect your motherboard or processor is in need of replacement.

Power Supplies

A sometimes tricky to diagnose problem, power supplies are arguably the easiest hardware problem to fix. Symptoms of power supply failure is very similar to other component failure so it is best to contact a professional to diagnose and resolve the problem.


RAM (random access memory) is the computer’s “short term” memory. This is the memory that stores information that the CPU is likely to need in the near future. RAM goes bad frequently and is easy to replace. This is something that even a novice computer user can usually do themselves. If you suspect that you are having a RAM problem, contact a professional to have them confirm the diagnosis. The Affordable Computer Guy can assist in the replacement of RAM for a nominal cost.

Video, Networking, and Other Components

There are a variety of smaller individual components that are required for a computer to operate properly. If your computer is not responding appropriately, or if you are receiving an error message regarding a hardware component, contact a professional, such as the Affordable Computer Guy, for assistance.

The Affordable Computer Guy can help!

The Affordable Computer Guy can repair your broken hardware and restore your computer to a working state. Please contact the Affordable Computer Guy for a quote.